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4000 Imprinter Starter Kit w/ Merchant Plate

4000 Imprinter Starter Kit w/ Merchant Plate
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Price: $49.99
Availability: In Stock
CCS Item #: 0010794000KT201
Manufacturer: Addressograph

Addressograph 4000 Imprinter Kit  w/ Plate

1 4000 imprinter , 4 packs of 2 part long slips, 1 pack of credit slips & 1 merchant plate

See embossing instructions below

This kit includes Addressograph 4000 Imprinter, 4 packs of 2 part long sales slips and 1 pack of credit slips and a custom embossed merchant plate. With the 4000 Imprinter Starter Kit, you will notice considerable savings compared to purchasing these items separately.

The Addressograph Bartizan Flatbed 4000 Imprinter is the ideal imprinter for merchants. It is designed to withstand the physical abuses of a bustling merchant environment. Its Zantec base is stronger and more durable than aluminum. The interlocking screw and nut combination holds the desired imprint intensity for a million cycles. The Addressograph 4000 imprinter is equipped with a space saver handle so when the imprinter is not in use, you can hang it from the counter. The overall product and print quality are better and it is more durable. The small footprint takes up less space than other flatbeds. The combination of reliability and low price, makes the 4000 the most robust and cost-effective imprinter available, choose Addressograph Bartizan's 4000.

Card Mounting:
Accepts CR80 size credit cards
Black handle and skirt
H 2 5/8" x W 5 7/8" x L 11 1/2" 6.67 cm x 14.92 cm x 29.21 cm
Engineered plastic resins
Merchant Plates:
Most industry standard plates can be mounted. Our standard imprinters are set-up for use with a 0.030"/0.032" embossed plate. Provision can be made for non-standard plates and forms.  CreditCardSupplies.Net can provide a custom, embossed merchant plate. You can view the merchant plates by selecting Related Products above, or by clicking here: Merchant Plate.
Sales Slip:
Provision is made to hold both 51 and 80 column (short or long) sales slips.
1.2 lbs (0.54kg)

READ THIS : Before completing the checkout on STEP 2, under the shipping method
lease enter the information you would like embossed on the plate in the comments section. 

Custom - embossed plastic merchant plate fits 4850, 4000, 2010, Pump Handle 871P, and any other imprinter that accepts a standard 5 line - 23 character merchant plate. Please note no more than 5 Lines & 23 characters per line (Including punctuation and spaces).Our Machine cannot make the @ or # symbols. 
The plate will be shipped to you usually the same business day.

Operation Instructions Video:                           Adjustment Instructions Video:


Note: The instructional videos are for the Flatbed 4850 Imprinter. The Instructions are the same for both the 4850 and 4000 Imprinters, with the exception that the 4000 Imprinter has 2 Phillips screws that must be removed from the top of the sliding handle in order to remove the cover and make adjustments.

4000 Imprinter Starter Kit w/ Merchant Plate
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