4850 Imprinter Starter Kit 3

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Addressograph 4850 Imprinter Kit 3 Includes

1 4850, 4 packs of 2 part long slips 

This kit includes Addressograph 4850 Imprinter, 4 packs of 2 part long sales slips and 1 pack of credit/refund slips. With the 4850 Imprinter Starter Kit, you will notice considerable savings compared to purchasing these items separately.

The Addressograph Bartizan 4850 is ideal for businesses looking for an affordable, reliable imprinter for credit card transactions. Its low flex base won't bow or bend like other low cost alternatives. The overall product and print quality are better and it is more durable. The small footprint takes up less space than other flatbeds. The combination of reliability and low price, makes the 4850 the most robust and cost-effective imprinter available. You'll never know until the day you need one & choose Addressograph Bartizan's 4850.

Card Mounting:
Accepts CR80 size credit cards
Black handle and skirt
H 2 5/8" x W 5 7/8" x L 11 1/2" 6.67 cm x 14.92 cm x 29.21 cm
Engineered plastic resins
Merchant Plates:
Most industry standard plates can be mounted. Our standard imprinters are set-up for use with a 0.030"/0.032" embossed plate. Provision can be made for non-standard plates and forms. CreditCardSupplies.Net can provide a custom, embossed merchant plate. You can view the merchant plates by selecting Related Products above, or by clicking here: Merchant Plate.
Sales Slip:
Provision is made to hold both 51 and 80 column (short or long) sales slips.
1.2 lbs (0.54kg)

Operation Instructions Video:                           Adjustment Instructions Video:


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