POS-X EVO-TM4 Touch Screen

  • Brand: POS-X
  • Product Code: 00105137TM401
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $419.99

EVO-TM4C - POS-X TM4 15" Touch Monitor Touchscreen

Easy-to-clean and resistant to water, dust, grease, and food build-up

The POS-X TM4 Touch Monitor features features state-of-the-art Tru-Flat Resistive Technology. The zero bezel design eliminates the frame found on traditional monitors, creating a seamless, smooth surface. The screen is easy to clean and is resistant to water, dust, grease, and food build-up, thus making it the ideal choice for retail or restaurant settings. The TM4 Touch Monitor has an aluminum alloy frame and stand and can withstand the harshest of environment.

EVO-TM4C Touch Screen Monitor 15 inch Tru-Flat VGA/USB, USB/ Serial Hub






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