MagTek Mini Swipe USB Mag Reader

  • Brand: Magtek
  • Product Code: 001042607306201
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  • $79.00

The Mini Magnetic Card Swipe reader family can read ISO and AAMVA card formats. The readers are available in various interface options. These readers provide a small package that is only slightly longer than a credit card. They an be mounted either with the self-mounting adhesive strips or by using the embedded threaded mounting hardware.

The USB Mini Swipe Readers are available in either a standard HID or a Keyboard Emulation mode—and can be reconfigured in the field. These readers meet the USB requirements for less than one unit load. A green/red LED indicator on the reader provides the operator with status of the reader operations.


  • Powered by USB (No external power supply required)
  • Single and Dual head models
  • Three track capability
  • Bi-directional read capability
  • Reads cards that meet ISO and AAMVA standards
  • Includes USB interface (6 ft. cable)
  • Dual color LED
  • Standard HID or Keyboard Emulation
  • No third-party device driver required